I’m interested in making a booking what do I do next?

Phone us, e-mail us, or fill in our enquiry form, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

What happens if I make a booking and then I / You have to cancel?

If YOU cancel a month prior to the booking Black Cat will refund your deposit, within a month Black Cat will retain deposit.

If YOU cancel within 48 hours of the booking YOU are liable to pay the full agreed booking amount. Black Cat will use its discretion depending on your necessary and unavoidable cancellation circumstances to assess the waiver of part of your payment. Black Cat will have full and final say on this matter.

If we cancel you will have all monies returned, or alternative act would be suggested

How far do I need to book in advance?

We will accommodate any reasonable request, but we would appreciate as much notice as possible.

Due to their popularity the bands tend to be booked up quickly.

I want to book a band, do you need a deposit?

A deposit is required payable to Black Cat Promotions. The amount agreed on confirmation of booking.

Can I book more than just one band?

We can arrange the whole evening for you with two or three bands and a disco. Arrangements like these happen on many occasions, especially for our corporate clients.

The band I want is not available to book?

All our acts are of a very high standard, Black Cat will put forward suggestions for a suitable alternative band to meet your requirement. Even if this means finding a band that currently is not on our books.

How far do your acts travel?

No distance restrictions

Is my booking guaranteed to turn up and be on time?

Bands our bound by a Black Cat contract. To arrive and set up as the time agreed by Black Cat and YOU the client.

What advantages are there to booking through Black Cat rather than direct with the band?

Easy, we have the knowledge and take away the pressure on you. We vet all our bands personally at Black Cat for professionalism and reliability. With our contracts, when a deposit for your booking is secured, this will prevent the reserved band from accepting any other booking.

In the case that a member of the band has become sick, we will try our utmost to find a suitable replacement band, or certain bands may have regular members who act as a stand in to perform with the group.

Can you take care of the venue as well as the entertainment?

We can find and liase with the venue management on all aspects of your booking.

Do you arrange P.A?

All our bands have their own P.A depending on the size of the venue, more equipment maybe hired to cope with the venue requirements, but this is all incurred in the cost quoted to you.

Are you insured against accidents etc.?

All our acts are encouraged by Black Cat to have their own liability insurance.

Black Cat carry Event Insurance – Public liability up to £1 million

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