Four More Faces

Four More Faces

Four More Faces

Four More Faces were Formed in July 2009, when Tony Kelly met up with bass player Julian Denson at the Jack Russell in Marston one night

They had known each other for years from playing in other Oxford bands , but have never played in the same band.

Tony has played in many bands from The Flex in the early 80’s to the very popular soul band Soul Devotion and his last band the Morose Brothers a Celtic Irish combo.

Julian had played in the very well known band Suko in the early 80’s and many other combo’s since.

They had always had similar musical taste and thought it would be good fun to try and form a combo!

Julian knew a drummer from Marston know as Chesh (Martin Smith) who was keen to join a new band.

Tony new of a long time bedroom guitarist called Gez bale, he persuaded him to try out a practice and the rest is history!

They play loads of their favorite songs from the 60’s and 70’s Classics from The Beatles/Stone the Kinks/The Who etc and other party classics and are wooing audiences wherever they play and have some great outdoor gigs this summer booked.

They are guaranteed to get you moving and singing

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  • Hi Tony – The party was great!  We thoroughly enjoyed the music and the band was terrific! We thanked them very much. ...
    Thank You  
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