Ian Souch

Ian Souch

Ian Souch

Ian Souch is an award winning entertainer from Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, he is passionate about Magic, Mind Reading, and making your event a success for you.

Many people have found out by booking him how magic breaks the ice with those who are uncomfortable with large crowds, stimulates conversation and is high class entertainment where your guests are the centre of attention; he can achieve this by performing Close Up Magic, Stand Up Magic, or Mentalism at your event, as he has with many other satisfied clients.

Ian is a Member Of The Magic Circle, and has also been awarded the title of ‘The Home Counties Most Entertaining Magical Act’. He has performed his Mentalism Stand Up act aboard Cruiseliners as well as being hired as the Mentalist for Pepsico in Madrid for their HR Directors; meaning that you can be sure that he is very well prepared for making sure all of your guests come away entertained and with a feeling of having had a wonderful experience.

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