Indigo Soul Band

Indigo Soul Band

Indigo Soul Band

Indigo Soul are a group of professional musicians, headed by notable vocalist Nora Blu.With over a decade of performance credits between then this Band have set about making beautiful music and serious waves in the Covers Band world.
The soulful, powerful tones of Miss Blu, blended with the raw musicality of the Indigo players come together to make something really special. Indigo Soul are hitting the music scene with a bang with their authentic renditions of classic and modern soul.
The energy and raw performance of IndigoSoul raises the bar in live music entertainment Nora Blu: Experienced Session vocalist/Songwriter with over a decades experience of live performance. Her collaborations include Stanton Warriors, Stuart Mason, Martine Girault. Her powerful voice is undeniably a voice of true soul. Ashley Saunders: This young unstoppable guitarist has collaborated with great talents such as Jake Reid, Wreh-Asha,& Belle Humble. He is also a notable songwriter & producer. Xavier Boulanger: This dynamic Percussionist has toured internationally with Professional theatre groups. He is part of a Japanese Taiko Troupe and has played withthe reputable NovaSoul. Ida Hollis: This Female Bass wonder has played many high profile functions including one for celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo. Having performed at prestigious venues such as Birmingham Symphony Hall, and Birmingham NEC, she has perfomed alongside the likes of Soweto Kinch, Tim Whitehead and Giles Peterson . A formidable young talent. Damian Alanov: This energetic keyboardist hails from Eastern Block but has the soul of Stevie Wonder! A graduate of piano and percussion Damian has ten years experience playing piano professionally in many styles including jazz, soul and pop. He has played in China, South Korea, Morroco and Switzerland. RB Williams: This vixen vocalist is a dance, and garage vocalist with underground chart credits. Her smooth vocals have supported many soul acts such as Jasmin Houshmand.

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