The Phoney Beatles

The Phoney Beatles

The Phoney Beatles

If there’s one thing you won’t find to be phoney about the ‘Phoneys’, is their sound. Quality and authenticity are top on their list of priorities, along with attention to detail. Reproducing the sound of ‘The Beatles’ is of utmost importance to the ‘Phoneys’ as I’m sure everyone would agree when listening to them, it is the very high standard of musicianship that enables them to produce that wonderfully exciting Beatles sound along with the look, the feel, the fun and the humour that ‘The Beatles’ will always be loved for.

On stage the ‘Phoneys’ show that they love what they do in their enthusiasm and the fun that they are having, which is sure to rub off on any audience, ensuring a good time is to be had by all.

The Phoney Beatles play for weddings, parties, corprate events and in concert. Various options are available, however the most popular format is 2 sets; firstly The Mop Top set and The Sergeant Pepper set. The band can be self contained (providing their own PA) and CD music can run in any breaks.

The Band

Martin aka George
Martin is best known for being an ex member of The Silver Beatles, an act very popular in the south of England and on the continent. Martin left because he felt the band wasn’t quite moving in the directions he wanted and so formed The Phoneys. An excellent guitar player and a very big Beatles fan, he not only sounds the part but is also very knowledgeable on the Fab Four. In fact I think he could even tell you their shoe sizes.

George aka Ringo
George is a highly skilled and experienced drummer. During his many years as a musician he has been signed in several publishing deals, has played support spots to Gentle Giant and Magna Carta and been a long time member of the popular south coast band  The Soul Agents. George has been a much sought after musician not only for his amazing drumming skills, but also for his ability to provide backing vocals and his desire to strive for perfection. Plays as close to the real Ringo as you can get.

Terry aka Paul
Terry is one of a very few left handed Pauls, a very important point for the look of  The Beatles. A very experienced musician and has played alongside the likes of The Searchers and The Marmalade to name but two . Terry is an accomplished bass player with a voice to match. A better ‘Macka’ apart from the real thing would be very hard to find.

Barry aka John
Brother of Terry, Barry was asked to join because of his musical skill and wealth of experience in the music industry, not least when signed to A&M records and as a member of the 80’s chart band The Planets who had top 30 chart success. Barry works very hard at the task of being John, and I’m sure you will agree that once again he is a big success.

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